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Welcome to Hilmarton Primary School.


Here is some information to explain the role of a Governor at our school.


What is a Governing Body?

By law, all schools have to have a Governing Body. The general role of the Governors is to oversee the strategic planning and direction of the school rather than being involved in the day-to-day running. We are responsible for the conduct of the school and have to ensure that the education provided, and the way in which the children, staff and parents are treated, are in accordance with the law and with the various regulations laid down by the authorities.  Our overriding aim is always to work towards a continual improvement in the standard of education enjoyed by our pupils. The role the Governing Body plays is crucial to pupil and staff morale and the reputation of the school so it is also important that they challenge the school whilst maintaining support and this is often referred to as being a “critical friend”.


What Does the Governing Body do?

With the Headteacher and Staff, we:


 - Decide the aims and objectives for the School

 - Review pupils' achievement and set targets for improvement

 - Check finances are correctly managed

 - Encourage the staff and pupils to do their best

 - Ask lots of questions and contribute to discussions

 - Decide how staff will be selected

 - Ensure the National Curriculum is being taught

 - Collect information and share it with other Governors

 - Approve school policies

 - Aim to be visible (support events)

 - Make sure all children can access the curriculum to the best of their ability

 - See classes in action

 - Aim to be welcoming and approachable to everyone

 - Ensure Health and Safety requirements are met

 - And other things ……


What does it take to be a Governor?

No previous qualifications are required for the role although training is provided which can be web based or evening/day courses. Our governors are from all different “walks of life” and the more diverse the group of people, the better in many ways, bringing different views, experiences skills and knowledge. Anyone can be a governor you do not need any professional qualifications, just a commitment to improve learning.


What Commitment is required to be a Governor?

The governors meet six times per year at FGB (Full Governing Body) meetings each lasting approximately two hours with some upfront document reading and question formatting. Governors are also expected to be on at least one subcommittee. The main sub-committees at Hilmarton are Curriculum & Staffing and Finance & Premises. At Hilmarton, governors also undertake specific "link" responsibilities in relation to curriculum areas. This requires governors to spend some time in school meeting with staff and visiting classes to know how it works from the inside.  There are also various materials to read sent through via governor support, the Local Authority, the Head and the Chair of Governors. Regular training is available for anyone wishing to undertake it and all of this can be done in just a few hours a week.  All Governors, once appointed, share the responsibilities and work as a team.


To see the Governing Body click here.


If you would like find out more about being a governor please do so by contacting:


Danny Holland (Clerk to the Governors):​​

Sam Churchill (Head):

Andy Hutton (Chair):



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